Data exploration and visualization tool

CubesViewer is a visual, responsive HTML5 application and library for exploring and visualizing different types of datasets.

CubesViewer can be used for data exploration and data auditory, generation of reports, chart design and embedding, and as a (simple) company-wide analytics application.

OLAP Browser

Explore data across dimensions. Filter and drill down to discover new facts and trends.


A range of data visualization options is available. Switch between representations with a click.


Define and operate with data series to discover and highlight features in your data.


Export data and charts.


Responsive design, tablet friendly.

Undo, redo, clone

Undo, redo, clone. CubesViewer gives you freedom to easily try different variations of a view.

Embed views

Views can be embedded in other web sites.

CubesViewer Server

Optional multi-user backend for storing and sharing views.

CubesViewer Demos

The following online demos are available:

Embedded Views

CubesViewer can be embedded fully or partially into other websites. Useful to show dynamic analytics or charts on other website articles or applications, like this chart here.

Embedded charts can also be manipulated in the same way they are designed within CubesViewer Studio, try it:


CubesViewer Server already includes the CubesViewer library so you just need that package if you plan to deploy the server-side application.

You need a configured and running Cubes Server version 1.0.x or later serving your data. Your Cubes model may need some extra configuration if you wish to use Cubes Viewer features like date filters and range filters (see documentation below).

If you do modifications to the project, cloning both repositories via git is encouraged, so you can easily contribute your fixes and improvements back.

If you are trying or using CubesViewer, we'd love to hear about you, please !

Documentation and Community

CubesViewer is an open source application hosted on Github.